quinta-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2012


VULTURE (da banda norueguesa GAZPACHO)

I leave the gate and close the door
And when it rains it really pours

I left her a memory
And a boatman's song
Of how it ended before it had begun
Took a bite from the apple
Glistening red lips
Moonlight was golden shining off her hip
She said don't look back
Just come on in
You've got to hold on never give in

We're all here
Trying to be
Someone we know that
We'll never see.
We are all lost
We're down on our knees
Making believe
These are our dreams

The shadows lean on the old town square
There's nothing left to keep me here
Where promises are made of air


Há coisas que as casas escondem,
que guardam caladas.
Há coisas que as casas esquecem,
não acham mais,

Há coisas que as paredes absorvem,
ou fazem-se de surdas.
Há coisas que as paredes refletem,
não dizem sim ou não, apenas

Há coisas que as portas protegem,
os que ficam, os que saem.
Há coisas com as quais portas não podem
não suportam, simplesmente,

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